Home On A Horse (2000)

1. Gimme Gimme
Always been living on the same energy

Sometimes I know it’s been too long since changes

Too long since anything different came along

Gimme gimme gimme enough of this


If I laid your anger down, would you pay my space in gold

Would you let go of me, now my golden cage got old

Too long since freedom, or anything different came along

Gimme gimme gimme enough of this


Soon you’ll be the one around my fence of all I say

Soon you’ll get me going down, down in your purple ways

Knock, knock on my beloved prison door

Gimme gimme gimme enough of this


Green grow the leaves, it’s raining. Step by if you want some

If not for the harvest party, be around if the sun comes

Too long since anything different came along

Gimme gimme gimme enough of this


Bull fighting, horse riding, flash lightning, I’ll take it all

Butterflies, cannonballs, aero planes I’ll fly them all

Silver chains, concrete walls, iron bars I’ll break em all

Booby traps, waterfalls, cemeteries, I’ve walked them all

2. Free to Roam
The long way up was no long way down

It’s easy to fall with someone like you around

The way you ran really knocked me down

And the hole in my heart will be forever unsung


Free to roam, rock’n roll

Free to roam, but I wanna come home


The dreaming of was better then the best

And to swallow you now would really do the rest

But that’s all behind me now, you just let me down

And there’s one thing I know now I’ve turned around


I’ve dreamed this dream that everything turned to past

But I won’t look back, I won’t look back

I just wanna come home

3. Wish I Had The Time
The many burdens I did carry, the many streets that I did roam

And the love, love, love people gave me. It still left me blue


The water was wasted by the gallon and all the coins in the well dried up

So I bought all the things I thought I owed. It still left me blue


I wish I had the time to see all through

I wish I had the time to start a new

I wish I had the time for you

Please, love me always


I said; Would you like to be tied to a chain and cry all day like a dog

She said; It doesn’t bother me, you know, I don’t care.

I got so mad, I stomped into the woods on that Sunday afternoon.

I resolved to sit there without food in order to go back and pack my things to leave.

In a few hours a voice was calling from the house for supper, but I wouldn’t come.

Till finally, there she came out to my tree and begged me to come back.


Well I was free in solitude, till I was free to settle down

Now I’m free in matrimony. It still left me blue

4. Welcome to the Goldmine
Wandering for ages, he said I’ve always tried to sing my song

I said; Hey man, welcome to the goldmine. Watch the wheel goes round.


He knows so well the feeling of a spirit that is fading

I said; Hey man, welcome to the goldmine. Watch the wheel go round.


If you’d see a real troubled man, take him to the source again

Lead him to the goldmine, turn him upside down


The freaky city overkill, they all come running down the hill

I said; Wow man, welcome to the goldmine. Watch the wheel go round.


And if you’re looking for an answer, take a look at all your friends here

There ain’t no one, no one here to countdown and stop the wheel go round


On a wasteland in a wasted dream, I weigh myself over and over again

Till you wait and see, wait and see, I’ll shut my mouth till the morning comes

And I can see your eyes full of stories, full of dreams, wasted dreams

I take the car with my children in the back, drive out of town

Upon a hill so that we can see the city, the city at night

Oh yes, they’re tired, but their eyes sparkle with wonder

And they asked me questions about the grown up people, dancing, drinking.

Well, I guess they pretend they are doing fine


5. Captured
So you need no one and no one will ever need you

Than what’s the use for me now to keep your name in mind

And if you keep being hurt by love and affection

And all approach will be rejected

Than life most likely will never be kind


You seem free from a distance, free from a distance

But in the heart of the matter, captured by love


You choose to have no one, no nothing, no friend

Like Old Shatterhand riding a horse into the blind

Untill your roots rot from under the soil that you walk on

The rain here will drown you and tomorrow will be forever behind

6. Back In Your Arms to Stay
I got home on a morning late September

Many tears rolling down my face

It’s been my home as long as I remember

And I’d lie if I said it ain’t my place


I got home on a morning late September

And it seems as if it’s been just for days

For all the better moments I remember

Darling please, don’t send me away


It was my horse that didn’t want to run this way

It were my mates that I could not persuade

To let me go, let me go

Back in your arms to stay


Tell me babe, has life for you been changing

Is there still an empty place in your heart

That I could fill up to be your guardian angel

Or has someone else been tearing us apart


I can’t say that I’ve been the perfect man

I can’t tell you how sorry I am

But can you forgive me

Tell me that you can

7. Winter's on its Way
Dark glasses on, my ass on the lawn

I’m counting sparrows, it’s a black sky now

One year’s gone and one’s to come

And it ain’t gonna be my favorite one

Winter’s on its way


Wherever you’ve been, I followed you down

I must have seen the world by now

Well gone is my horse, something’s so wrong

I’m stuck in the North and I’m stuck in this song

Winter’s on its way


Let the sunlight come by millions now

A million sparkles on my tired eyes

Let the gentle waves pull me down

Pull me down to where the sun will rise to stay.


I’m bored right now and I’m singing a song

It ain’t too much, but it has to be sung

Let’s all gather in a southbound train

Helter shelter for an autumn rain

Winter’s on its way

8. Standing on a Whale
The one forbidden thing

Is judging upon whatever you see

So kiss the snake on the nose

Three times and your apple’s for free


Standing on a whale, fishing for wittings

Don’t you feel a fool, well you are a fool

Here is a light;

Know who you are and you are


So God is your spirit and your spirit is God

Lay off your symbols and lay off your sword

Make no more promises for the sake of your Lord

Take no more possessions that you cannot afford


Blues might be the key to you

To the door that keeps hidden the blue

So give me some of your precious time

And I’ll try to sing this little heaven of mine

So cry out, cry out who you are

Know who you are and you are

9. The Well
Beautiful and blue eyed, running round in rags

Running for them bloodhounds, burning down your flag

In the wild open field no one’s digging you a hole

Come lay your head at rest now in the bunkers of my soul


Lead me down to the well of your red river

Let me suck it dry and let the Lord be forgiven


My words they all seem worthless, my tunes more weak then strong

For how much of my freedom can you buy with this song

Come let your spirit speak now, a new dawn has begun

Come father blow away now all this hatred from your son


Newborn little girl can I look you in the eyes

For all I know is nothing and all I say disguise

Come let me rock your cradle, you�re better off with lies

For the truth is far too painful and too many people died

10. Falling Free
Darkness surrounds us and brittle brains we are

Nothing can stop us from falling from a star

And yonder only skies, blank spots in our minds


Spirits are crying an endless aching ‘why’

Oblivion’s appealing for nothing seems worth to try

But yes, I’m doing fine. All this lies behind

And I’m falling free


Sometimes I feel like I’ll leave it all behind

Dust on my lungs and black smoke around my mind

And yonder only skies, blank spots in our minds


Little by little I stumble to your door

Leaving the dust of my failures on your floor

But yes, I’m doing fine. All this lies behind

And I’m falling free


A million years late and a load on my shade

No fuel to create and I crash into fate

With one way to escape

It’s one step through the gates of my last dream


I drink myself to sleep, mama

11. Take It
This is not a revolution, this is not a home sweet home

This is not the resurrection, this is just a rock song

So take it..


No longer wanting, just move your ass around

No longer waiting, just turn it upside down

And take it


This here is your president, he’s talking there for you

Let him hear your hands clap, let him hear your voices to

He says; Don’t you hang around here and you’ll find a lot of money

in the system that I’m running. You will find some culture to

Everyone is happy here, we did it all for you

So if you wanna join us, come on there’s work to do

It’s gonna break you heart in two. So take it


Everyone’s a criminal, but that’s all right with me

I’ve always been in favourite of everything for free

So take it.