Slow Train To Nowhere (2003)

1. On the Beach

I’m waiting on a telephone

To ring a song so blue

A simple song that rings along

M y flesh and bones for you

For all the broken hearted

Make everything all right

But I lost my mind in the sun


I’m working hard, so very hard

Not to hear the news

But to think of her with her lover boy

I wonder what she feels

She could be just perfect

She could be all right

If only she knew how to smile


On the beach, nothing to do

On the beach I’ve got the same old feeling too

And if not about me, then all about you


I’m too old for rock’n roll,

I’m ready for the blues

And the sun goes down

But I’m still around

And it’s so good to be with you

Oh silver moon come shining over the water soon

And I’ll be in the mood for your love

2. Big Boy Cry

I can’t stand not knowing where you are

And if you can’t come down, than please get out of town

So I could lay my head in total rest tonight

On a pillow full of life, some memories never die


This girl feeds me, she fill the holes in my head

Have you ever seen a big boy cry


So take a train, my love, for you can’t face it all

A long black train, my love, that never comes around

And that’ll be all there was, an empty hole of love

A history drifting off from a day that wouldn’t laugh

3. I'm Not Hiding Anymore

I can sit on your floor

Without checking out your door

I start breathing more and more

I’m not hiding anymore


You cannot fool me with your freeway

You cannot fool me with your heyday

I will no longer run in vain, babe

I’m not hiding anymore


This is my game, runs through my veins

Returns again and again and again and again


Now look up to the sky, babe

Is there something more to see then clouds, babe

I’m not saying there’s only rain babe

But I’m not hiding anymore


I’m sick and tired walking sideways

No salvation came with wild days

Oh, there ain’t no such thing anyway

I’m not hiding anymore


And now you say you are in pain, babe

That all your actions are in vain, babe

I guess I shouldn’t talk this way, babe

But I’m not hiding anymore

4. Mr. Bigshot

To talk like you is to be like you

Is to feel like you

In a way we could have the same dream too

Any day I’m in mindless wondering

I do my thing

In this dream we would think the same way too


I’ll be judgeless to what you’ve done to me

And I’ll be chainless, I’ll be me

And   in a way I’ll be free

Hey, hey mr. Bigshot dance for me


It rains on you and it rains on me

It rains for long

It’s the same rain falling on everyone

On the ambassador, on any celebrity

But don’t get me wrong,

It’s the same rain falling on everyone


Across the little bridge

Over the small canal

It’s the borderline to this little city of mine

I look at them and they look at me

I could be all right

But it’s the right place at the wrong time

5. Amsterdam

Oh woman, I know what you need

You don’t wanna be free

Love is simple and love is sweet

But it was never gentle to me

So what about this man, willing to die

Would he go lean on a friend

What about this monkey, imprisoned in mind

He takes the train to Amsterdam


Oh Amsterdam, you’ve always been

A complete stranger to me

Whenever we meet you are perfectly sweet

But you suck the heart out of me


The busking grows ugly, competition is strong

The streets ain’t for dreaming no more

So to hell with your statues, to hell with this song

This ain’t what I’m living for

And the hookers they’d all love to spit in my face

The dealers call me a whore

But I have to be chained by your sweet embrace

Until I can’t breathe no more

I’m taking the subway and I’m thinking of home

The children must be sleeping by now

And I run for the bullets hiding in your guns

I fear the wrong side of the law


Well I must admit we had a good time

But I was fucked up and down

And I thought of you worth to be written in rhyme

Carved in the Merry-go-round

But now is the time that I’m leaving you

The pleasure never was mine

I look over my shoulder back in my car

And I see your pretty lights shine

6. Crazy

I’m gonna sew you, babe, let the courtroom swell

Ain’t no one in there, babe, who’s gonna wish you well

I’ll walk out in celebration. Yes, you will be surprised

How all the friends we had together will be on my side

Crazy (out of your mind)


I’m gonna sew you, babe, I�ll go all the way

I’m gonna take the children, take them down to Spain

Gonna buy me a caravan, live on a mountain high

I’ll be drinking in the village, every single night

Crazy (out of your mind)


Now I wonder why they threw me in a prison cell

A fucked up man just killed his woman

Oh Lord, help me pray

Lord, I miss my children, every second of the day

And if I’ll die I’ll take them with me

Oh Lord, show me the way

Crazy (out of your mind)

7. Big Bad World

Your little baby is sixteen now

And she’s out there on the street

So let your tears flow freely now

Let your poor, poor mother’s heart bleed


Your little baby is sixteen now

Sixteen years they have gone by

Now hum a little lullaby

For all we know is that you’ve tried


She’s your sweet baby, she’s your little girl

And she’s lost forever in this big bad world


Now she might be on a train

And jump off in between

Two showers of heavy rain

And she might see what we have never seen


She will grow older now

Much faster then you and me

She needs a shoulder now

For she will be forever falling free

8. Wizard

I’m on a slow train to nowhere, what it means I don’t know

And if I could lay my hands upon you, I would lay my sword aside

I did rocking and rolling in no time, I made the sun come up and go down, you know

If I could twist my legs around you, we would see the moon before it shined

I’m your wizard, babe


The good thing with dying is that I won’t be born again

And all the things that I desire will be buried by my side

All your fears will turn to laughter, but oh, you lost your biggest fan

I’ll be dancing in the daytime and I’ll be back for you tonight

I’m your wizard, babe


Mercy, oh mercy

9. Forsaken

I’m stuck in this room with you and you and you and you and you

I wanna be a part of, but I don’t know what to do

It’s true; I ain’t no good


I’m a pain in the ass and I walk in your way, I’m in a very bad mood

I don’t deserve no affection, I deserve pain

It’s true; I ain’t no good




There are no words left, now I’ve reached the depths of inner mankind

And now I finally got there I still need much more

But that’s what I had just left behind

10. Done It All Wrong

Many times I wonder, sitting in my chair

About everything I’ve done, though never much too long

And every time I stop to think, there’s music in the air

And it seems to me I’ve done it all wrong


I’ve gotta find me work, though I know it’s hard to find

So I get myself together with a song

Oh, I don’t wanna find me work it is twisting in my mind

And it seems to me I’ve done it all wrong


Say to me, say to me, tell me I’ve done it all right

Say to me, say to me, it’s just another mix up in my mind


The one you consider young is mostly very old

And the one you consider old is mostly young

Mixed up between both of them, my skin allready sold

It seems to me I’ve done it all wrong


Many times I’ve asked myself ‘tweedly tweedly dum’

Many time I’ve asked myself ‘where do I belong’

The sky turns grey and you could say my feelings are getting numb

And it seems to me I’ve done it all wrong

11. Epilogue

Stranded in the sun

An empty bottle of wine in my hand

I’m longing for shadow

I wanna be the drummer in the band

The smile in the mirror has faded

Has come to an end

Well any way, a good thing has happened to me

I’m going out with a friend

Oh babe, I miss you