Scarfish Love on Wings of Mojo Wire (2005)

1. Silverlake '91

Where she lives there’s a silver lake
And she is naked all the time.
She has seen every single flower
And she knows them all by name
She says I’m awake all of the time
So take your medicine and go to sleep

Yes I’ve seen her in 1991
When a war had just begun
I was shaking, I could not face anyone
I was just longing for the sun
I’d been awake all of the time
So I took my medicine and went to sleep

And now there’s buses, now there’s trains
They all run in to see
That she has gone over the planes
Beyond the mountains and the see
Somewhere it’s written, she’s awake all the time
So let’s take our medicine and go to sleep

2. Diner in my Cave

I’ll ask her in, out of the rain
And we’ll have dinner, dinner in my cave
I’m a hunted wolf, don’t wanna run no more
She talks like an angel and she fucks like a whore

And she’s never fake, never sick of my ways
But she’s always late for dinner in my cave

She’s the medicine girl at the end of the block
She took my money and she took my heart
Shows me the latest fashion since I’ve gone wrong
She stole my radio but sings me the latest songs

3. Broken Heart and Hammering Rain

Broken heart and hammering rain
Nerves battered by the wind
As a young girl Maggie got invited
To her story to begin

Where as live to you seems simple
She stepped on the wrong train
A white line time bomb ticking
That blew up right in her face

Man, she could rain
Upon a hill, looking out for love

She’s much older than me
And I could be down on the ground
Down on the ground, a young boy begging
But she’d be gone without a sound

4. The Flower and the Bee

Life it ain’t easy
And it ain’t gonna be
So much better on the freeway
Where you’ll be travelling with me
There’s no one out there to please you
Everyone is more in need
Then being able just to reach you
Tomorrow you will see, you will see

And in the morning comes the rain

Life it ain’t easy
But every summer’s got a breeze
And plenty of shaddow around to please me
Among the flowers and the bee
You’re the flower, I’m the bee, babe
Just sit around and wait
For me to climb into your tree, babe
And bring you harvest from my seed

Life it ain’t easy
And it ain’t so hard to see
That you will never come to please me
Whenever I’m in need
Hey babe, take a wild break
No matter what you do
For some of us are from the ice lake
And some on fire just for you

5. Gone

It’s been long and I wonder where he’s gone
And I wonder if he’s fine, while I lost my sense of time
The night is pretty long and it’s freezing

But then at dawn, he comes up to me
He’s singing the song that I couldn’t be
He’s ready to rise where I start to fall
I hold my hands up high, but he’s in the sky

It’s so still and I can’t say nothing
Let’s hear it from the wind, just sit and ask the wind
For it knows where he’s been, but it’s ceasing

6. A Lonesome Voice is A-wailing

A lonesome voice is a-wailing on a sunday afternoon
A lonesome voice is a-wailing a simple sunday tune
I rode down north the highway with a brand new set of strings
A lonesome voice is a-wailing, hear the rider now he sings
Strange, strange

Every time I’m rolling, I’m rolling on the wind
Every time I’m rolling, I turn and turn again
December’s cold but summer’s on my mind again
I’m flying back to Mexico, I’m gonna buy myself a van

Now the night has fallen and I’m sitting on the floor
In a crowded house with people that I’ve never seen before
I know this may sound strange, but you’re worthy of a song
Thanks for being nice to me and thanx for being young

Strange, strange, but I feel the way
Like I can’t recall I’ve ever felt before

The wheels now roll me home again like nothing has begun
The radio plays Dylan and I’m staring at the sun
Oh neigbour in this Northern town, I’l remember you for long
You’ll be on my mind again every time I sing this song

Strange, strange, but I feel the way
Like I can’t recall I’ve ever felt before
Strange, strange, but I feel the way
The way it must have felt ten years ago

7. Dreamrose

She lies naked between dirty sheets

Someone is with her, but she’s still alone

The room is filled by the smell of love

The flesh beside her makes her close her eyes


All her live she’s been on the run

She dreams a world that will never come

And she lives her live on a rainbow

She’s the gold of a rising sun


Once she lived with a motor freak

They were sleeping in the open fields

She cried; “Dream, dream along with me”

He said; “I love you, but you can’t come with me”


And now she dreams on her own again

The endless river is her only friend

And she lives her live on a rainbow

She’s the gold of a rising sun


You can dream if you hate your lies

You can dream if you hate your live

You can travel, but you won’t arrive

8. Turn me on

I’ve been the world around

I’ve never been so down

Stuck here in this town

It’s always been the same dumb town


The sun’s behind a cloud

And my body’s on the ground

How I wish to jump around

Scream my lungs out, far too loud

That only you can set me on fire

That only you can turn me on


So I guess it’s time to work things out

Get ready for this town

Make my way around

With my feet high off the ground


I’ve been talking in my sleep

I’ve been trying just to keep

A little peace for all the weak

All together we could be

At ease as all the sheep

In a field nearby the see

In the sunshine we will be so strong


So I guess it’s time

I guess it’s time to turn me on

9. Homebound Tree

So sad when I travel, I’m a homebound tree

A crying dog stumbling down the street

Living on whatever people throw at my feet

The women were few, but at least they were sweet

As to my bare feet, a cold marble floor

Oh please mister Spirit, don’t haunt me no more


I can run like a horse with a child on my knee

In any situation, Lord, I can be free

Open all your doors and still I won’t fear

The devil in you, cause he’s inside of me too


Mostly I don’t listen, she’s just hurting my spine

And I do as I like, cause I don’t wanna waste my time

On diners by candle light, her ultimate dream

But I can always change my opinion if this ain’t what I mean

For there’s my sweet angle and she’s banging on my door

I wanna go with her by midnight to be back here no more…

10. Until She's Gone

Do you have the time to think a while

About the girl beside you all the time

Not until she’s gone will you know

The loneliness, the empty bed

Believe me it hurts


So untill she’s gone, love her


She’s waiting, she’s waiting, you fool

You’ve held your ears, you’ve closed your eyes too long

Can’t you hear her soul so clear; she’s calling, she’s calling

Don’t you see her heart needs something strong to hold on to