Whether you want to record vocals on your track, a drum track to continue working on at home, spoken word or whatever and you want to have it recorded at a high level … or you want to record a Single, EP or entire Album with your band. You want a good presentation of a ‘rehearsal’? An optimal final mix of a track recorded elsewhere? Auto tuning? You want to convert old analogue material and edit it to a digital medium, or even have a soundtrack composed for your holiday film or first feature film? Anything goes in Vuurland! I use a number of standard prices (see below), but for tailor-made price agreements I always do an intake first to define how you want to record (all in one go, all instruments separately etc.)and how you want the end result to sound (bring recordings of your favorite bands!). We also talk about preparations you can make as a band to achieve the best possible end result. This way we can zoom in at what is possible within the budget, so mutual expectations become clear. As a guideline you can use the amounts below (ex 21% VAT and applicable to agreements made from Oct. 1st 2022). You will also find the average prices (in Euro) for various standard projects (indication). Finally, producers who have sufficient experience and knowledge to work with our equipment can also hire the studio without engineer. Including preamps, mikes, console, UAD Apollo 16 and iMac or MacBook (with ProTools, Logic and Ableton Live). Feel free to contact us about these guidelines without obligation. Of course without any obligation.
*All prices in Euro’s and excl. 21% VAT

Per hour: 37,50 (minimum of 2 h).
Per day : 275,- (8 hours)
Rental drumkit: 35,-

Per hour: 32,50- (minimum of 2 h).
Per day: 250,- (8 uur)

Per track: 40,- (starts at 2 tracks)

Single (indication):
350,- (1 day recording & finalmix)

EP (4 tracks) (indication):
750,-  (2 days recording & finalmix)

Album (ca. 10 tracks) (indication):
1750,- (4 days recording & finalmix)

*One Run Demo:   
400,- (1 day recording & global mix)

**Repetitie Registratie: 

275,- (1 morning recording & global mix)


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In Vuurland (since 1983!) I provide you with a wide selection of vintage and contemporary A-class microphones as well as high-quality, original analog Preamps (hardware). I own ten chanelstrips from an original old BBC mixing console, the ‘Neve 5106’ and two extremely rare ones from the very first ‘Focusrite’ console (isa 110/130), commissioned by George Martin in the early 1980s (yes, producer of The Beatles) and designed by Rupert Neve himself. To get an impression you can watch this compelling documentary about the bizarre history of this ‘console’. Or do you have no idea who Rupert Neve is, or even what his famous Neve consoles are about? Then take a look at this inspiring documentary in which David Grohl (Nirwana, Foo Fighters) explains his love for these classic consoles in the famous Sun City studio.

On the side I own 4 state of the art ‘Universal Audio Design’ preamps, the ‘UAD 4-710d’. With this ‘modern’ pre-amp you can even dial in according to how much ‘tube character’ you desire for your track with real tubes (just click on the link if you want to know more about this new Rolls Royce under the preamps).

And if that’s not enough to convince you, we provide a very wide range of guitar and bass amplifiers in the studio (Vox, Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie and more), several drum sets, a genuine Hammond organ with Lesliebox, a ‘Roland Space Echo’, various vintage outboard gear, a large ditch of coffee and gallons of pure musician blood!

Anyway, with these rare analog masterpieces, combined with the hint of modern hi-tech, I am able to record all basic tracks in Vuurland as authentically as possible and I create a sound that can best be characterized as’ warm, full and authentic ‘. Think of The Beatles, but also of the Rock bands in the Seventies or the New Wave in the Eighties. And why does an album from the Nineties like ‘Nevermind’ by Nirwana sound so incredibly tasty …  By the way, as we live in the 21st Century, I do off cause use Ableton Live (and Logic-Pro) for those who want to play around with samples and beats and even integrate them seamlessly into their ProTools session. You name it, the sky is the limit !!

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Since 1983 Vuurland Studio has been located in a monumental building in the center of Utrecht and is maintained from the first day by Willem Proos who created a home base for the Utrecht underground scene for more than three decades. Think of Daryll-Ann, Racoon, Gore, Henk Westbroek, Ome Cor’s Showduo, De Kliek, Boris Dzaneck, The Charlies, The Comedown, Louisiana Radio, Mill, Motel Bokassa, Sunwoofer, but also broadcasts from VPRO TV, RTL TV , NTR / NPO TV, and NCRV TV. Just a selection from the rich past of the studio. Willem keeps the spirit of the past blowing through the catacombs of the studio, inspiring new generations to become part of the rich pop history of Utrecht.

The studio is located in the basement of a monumental building in the center of Utrecht. You will find extensive catering options in the immediate vicinity. Loading and unloading is possible in front of the door. There is a nearby parking lot on “Kruisstraat”.Vuurland Studio
Muntstraat 6a
3512 EV Utrecht
Email Studio: ernygreen@ziggo.nl
Phone Studio: +31 626926946 (Ernst)
Email Rental: vpmedia@xs4all.nl
Phone Rental: +31 639242148 (Willem)

Besides the fact that Willem Proos still works in the studio every now and then, his core business today is the rental of P.A. systems, backlines and instruments. Willem’s extensive arsenal of instruments and amplifiers also ensures us that there is always a wide choice of backline that could also be used during recording sessions. Because it is possible that an item has already been rented out that day, make sure to let us know in time what you’d like to use.